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The Organisation

Our founder, Hilary Wakeman, did not believe in organisation, bureaucracy, hierarchies and such like. We do our best to carry on this tradition. However, inevitably some things have to be somewhat organised,

These jobs are done by volunteers working from home. We have a National Council of around 16 people, mainly those who contribute to the work for JM. We meet once a year.

There is a Core Group of around 7 people who meet three times a year to report on and progress matters raised at the National Council.

The Core Group and National Council are enablers, resourcers and facilitators for our groups and subscribers.

The organisation does not have paid officers or a management hierarchy. Those serving on the Core Group and National Council  have no authority beyond that necessary to carry out their appointed tasks. When they attend Julian Meetings they do not have any special status or authority.

Individual meetings arrange their own affairs including finances. There are no central records containing personal information other than the individual magazine subscriptions and the meeting registration records.

Who We Are

We are a motley crew of people from all walks of life. Some belong to a church, some don't.

Those belonging to The Julian Meetings are either those who attend meetings or individual subscribers or both.

Individual subscribers are people who subscribe to our magazine. They may or may not attend a meeting.

Also there are many who belong to a Julian Meeting who do not subscribe to the magazine and are therefore known only to others who attend their meeting.

A Julian Meeting is a group that registers with us as a Julian Meeting, subscribes to the magazine as a group and meets our minimal meeting requirements.

The Julian Meetings are open, ecumenical and not associated with any Christian denomination. Those who attend are not required to hold any particular set of beliefs but are expected to respect the Christian ethos. No one method of meditation is taught.  All are encouraged to find the method that is right for them.

It is expected that the main content of the meeting will be 30 minutes of silent contemplative prayer.

Money, Property and Accounts

The Julian Meetings does not own property or accumulate large funds beyond a reasonable reserve for operating expenses. Expenses are met by magazine subscriptions, sales of literature and donations. The expenses are subsidised by donations and by our volunteers working from home.

We try to keep our costs low and make our resources as accessible as possible.  Our subscriptions and publications do not cover our costs - We rely on donations to continue.

We are not a charity. We do not have a constitution. We do not meet the minimum income requirements for charity registration. Therefore we do not meet the Charity Commission requirements to become registered. Nor do we believe that charitable status sits comfortably with our ethos of minimal formal organisation.

The National Council appoints a Treasurer and our bank account requires two signatures. Our accounts are independently examined.

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